Terms and Conditions
  1. Overview
    1. This is a summary of the Terms and Conditions for the String of Pearls. A full version is available at www.dssinc.org.au
    2. String of Pearls Moorings are provided for the exclusive use by Members of the DSS Cruising Division.
    3. The vessel using the mooring must be the vessel registered by the Member with DSS Cruising Division. The right to use String of Pearls Moorings is not transferable.
    4. It is the Skipper or Master responsibility to ensure that the vessel does not exceed rated capacity of the Mooring
      1. Unless otherwise stated in the Booking system or on the Mooring buoy the rated capacity of each Mooring is 17m LOA and/or 20 tonnes displacement.
    5. Wind rating
      1. Moorings are designed for use in wind conditions of up to 25kts.
      2. Where average wind conditions are forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) to exceed 25kts from an Unsheltered direction any use is deemed to be Unauthorised use and the Skipper or Master is required to seek alternative anchorage or Mooring.
      3. Unsheltered directions are identified for each Mooring in the Booking system.
  2. Booking Period
    1. For the Booking system a day begins at 10.00am on the day of the booking and finishes at 10.00am the following day.
    2. Members are required to vacate the Mooring by 10.00am
    3. Members may pick up their booked Mooring at any time during the day or night that they have booked.
    4. It is recommended that Moorings are picked up before night fall.
  3. Booking Limits
    1. A Member may book a Mooring for no more than 2 consecutive days.
    2. Forward bookings may be made up to 5 days in advance.
    3. A Member may book only one Mooring at any time.
  4. Multiple Vessels and Rafting Up
    1. Rafting up is permitted where the total displacement of vessels on a Mooring does not exceed the rated capacity of the Mooring